Trailers & Videos

Official HD Trailer

The official HD trailer released May 8th 2014 in the build up the cinema release.

Final Trailer

The final trailer showing new footage released on┬áJun 18th 2014 just prior to the film’s cinematic release.


Some cool short documentaries that provide an insight into the production process of the movie.

“Apes Evolution”

It’s awesome to see just how Andy Serkis is transformed into Caesar, you get a real feeling for the emotion he has put into the role.

Apes Movement Demonstration

Terry Notary provides a commentary on how motion capture is used in the film.

Epic Dawn Featurette

A really cool behind the scenes documentary with insights from the cast and crew.


Here are officially released clips from the film

“Hanging Out”

“Caesar’s Story”

“Apes Don’t Want War”